Drag cards from your hand to the left of the screen to heal yourself, or to the right of the screen to attack.

When you've used all the cards in your hand... That's it, it's the end of the day you'll need to rest in order to draw a new hand

In the shop drag cards to your hand to exchange for health

Each day you receive 5 cards. Once you've played your cards you need to go to town and rest to deal a new hand, unless you defeat a monster in which case you can rest before proceeding through the dungeon

What is a deck building game?

The game has an off screen deck of cards; you start with 3 bread and 3 knives. Every day (turn) you draw the top 5 cards from the deck and play your cards 1 by 1 discarding them into an off screen discard pile. When your deck is empty your discard pile is shuffled and becomes your new deck.

When you buy items in the shop or receive them from killing monsters the items are placed in your discard pile and do not show up in your hand immediately.


  1. You'll need to beat all 3 dungeon monsters to have a chance to beat the boss
  2. You can return to town at any time to exchange health for items in the shop
  3. If you leave a dungeon room below the rat room you cannot return until the following day

Card Effects

  • Stagger - next attack does double damage
  • Guard - block all physical damage from the next attack and deal 1 damage in return if you're attacked
  • Silver Sword - disables all health restoring effects


BuildWindows.zip 16 MB

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